Jessica Wicks

The Most Important (Invisible) Skill


Organization. Time management. Multi-tasking. Call it what you will, this skill which people develop with hard work and dedication is pretty hard to measure. It’s not something you take a class for. Not something you become accredited in. Yet it might just be the most important skill for success in both work and life.

It’s the key for getting things accomplished. Which, regardless of your job, is necessary. And everyone does it to some degree or another. If you manage to work, eat, and sleep every day you’re doing it.

But what if we could really develop this skill in an individual? What if they were able to get things done at maximum capacity? Could this mean higher productivity at work? Could this lead to a better work-life balance?

Professional communicators have been surveyed as having one of the most stressful jobs in the world, and I believe that a lot of this stress comes from having to manage the information for a number of critical projects at the same time – all the time. From developing relationships with multiple people in order to get things done to needing to be in ten places at the same time, it’s a fast paced job by any standard.

As an organization, you look to hire the most organized person who can manage their time and multitask with high efficiency. But how do you find that person? From an interview, how do you determine who is better able to manage the workload?

And as an employee, how can you prove your ability – or explain it – in order to get the job?

Currently, this seems to be where entry-level positions come in. They work as a long-term job interview for seeing if you can handle the heat.

Entry-level sucks. We all know it. But it is a necessary evil to proving your value. So for those who are annoyed with looking for or working in an entry-level position where you are not yet able to provide the company with your full knowledge or capabilities, focus on proving yourself through time-management, organization and multitasking. Be obvious about it. Use a multi-coloured calendar. Be early for everything. Offer to lead a team and prove you can do it. Ask for more work because you’re just so efficient, you can get your own done in no time. Use a checklist where you leave the checked-off accomplishments for everyone to see what you’ve done. It’s the most important skill for proving your worth. Stop making it invisible.

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