Jessica Wicks

Welcome to the new website


Hello! At long last I have re-launched this website to reflect my personal brand and have a platform to share my thoughts.

My career has had some interesting pivots that I would never have expected when I originally created this site over six years ago. I’ve moved around from graphic and web designer, to public relations specialist, to content marketer and social media manager, to proposal writer and project manager, to publication designer, to marketing and events specialist, to marketing strategist and creative consultant. When you hear people tell entrepreneurs to ‘be flexible’ and move where the market leads you (and needs you!), they are pretty much talking about how I spent my 20’s.

And, unfortunately, my existing website had not been able to keep up with all of those changes. While ‘being flexible’ is great for learning new skills and keeping up with market trends, it can be a nightmare for your brand.

So here we are.

I’ve combed through my existing blog posts for the ones that I believe remain worth your precious time. I have made minor changes to some (new images, different tagging structure), while others received a more considerable amount of editing and are being republished as new content.

My goal for this new site is to keep things rather simple and to aim for quality over quantity every time. In addition to adding blog posts and portfolio pieces, I will let you know as the projects I’ve been working on launch.

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