Jessica Wicks

The Future of Marketing in a Nutshell


Online user data. We’ve all heard how it’s influenced the change in advertising. Ads based on your preferences. Ads based on what you like.

But how will it change the marketing and public relations industry? What if we start looking at different statistics? Let’s see who’s facebook posts generate heated debates. Let’s see who can tweet about a product, resulting in their followers purchasing it. Let’s gather data about how trendsetters find those new trends. What drives them?

Do those trends span across generations? Is your grandmother as likely to read your tech blog posts as your friends?

The information collected about users is endless. Instead of looking at those users as consumers, how about looking at them as corporate evangelists. Why not offer products and services to people who are influencers in their social groups? This is the future of marketing.

The only real obstacle in the new media landscape is creating products and services that people will want to promote.